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Anna Sokol

WeAnnaBe: it's not just about clothing

WeAnnaBe is a Ukrainian designer women's clothing brand. Founded in 2014 by Anna Sokol from Odessa. Over the eight years of its existence, the brand has repeatedly been published in the press and participated in international fashion weeks, having established itself far beyond the borders of Ukraine.  


Throughout the time WeAnnaBe grows, develops and transforms together with Anna herself. One thing is invariable - the lightness, “girlishness” and courage of the designer stretches like a red thread through all the collections.


Weannabe supports the global green trend:

- sewing is done in small batches, depending on the demand for the model, which significantly reduces the amount of leftovers, 

- the remnants of the fabric are used in the sewing of eco-bags that replace disposable bags,

- the brand's policy "to produce only what you would wear yourself" means the wearability and versatility of the produced models. 

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